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These are positions still available.

We will be creating relationships with this film that we hope will enable the production of many projects.

Summer 2006 Production

The purpose of this document is to define the roles, responsibilities, shares and credits for the film.

Please follow the links for instructions on how to get in touch with us.


Executive Producers/Investors
• .5 points per $500 investment
• Line credit on film as executive producer
• VIP passes to film premiere

Production Manager/Associate Producer
• 3 points ea
• Responsible for ensuring everything and everyone needed is on set
• Line responsibility, all details of production
• Scheduling, meeting deadlines
• Ensures budget is not exceeded

Second-Unit Director
• 2 points ea
• Pick-up & establishing shots
• SFX shots
• Non-primary cast shots

• 2 points ea
• The talent in front of the camera, to enact the story
• TALENT!  :^)
-Male, lead open
-Female, lead open
-Male, supporting open
-Male, supporting open
-Male, supporting open
-Male, supporting open
-Male, supporting open
-Male, supporting open
-Male, supporting open
-Male, supporting open
-Male, supporting open
-Male, supporting open
-Female, supporting open

-Don Crawford
-Jon Leach
• 2 points ea
• Create the story, the settings and the lines
• Provide a coherent script

Production Assistants
• 1 point ea
• Production Manager’s crew
• The 'go to's, the gofers and the go-betweens

Assistant Directors
• 1 point ea
• Assist the Director
• Provide advice
• Ensures the Director's instructions are completed

Director of Photography
• 1 point ea
• Coordinates details that compose a scene
• Lighting the set
• Blocking the placement and movement of the camera
• Location setting and scenery are consistent with the look and feel of the director's vision

Camera Operator/Assistant Cameraman
• 1 point ea
• Handles the camera and accessory equipment
• Sets the slate at the beginning of each scene
• Works closely with the Director of Photography

Gaffer/Best Boy
• 1 point ea
• Responsible for lighting
• electrician

Key Grip (handyman)
• 1 point ea
• Tools
• Small equipment

Sound Mixer/Boom Operator
• 1 point ea
• Capture any sound we need on set
• Responsible for the mics and any audio equipment

Production Designer
• 1 point ea
• Design of sets, wardrobe, makeup
• Production of sets, wardrobe, makeup

Set Decorator/Property Master
• 1 point ea
• Accountable for props and equipment
• Decorates the set under the Production Designer's supervision
• Acquire or fabricate props and anything else used on screen

Swing gang
• 1 point ea
• Move everything to and from the set
• Build props and sets under Set Decorator's supervision
• Foot soldiers for Property Master

Make-up & Wardrobe
• 1 point ea
• Acquire or fabricate wardrobe and costumes under Production Designer's supervision
• Create and produce cast make-up and make-up effects

Stunt Coordinator
• 1 point ea
• Safety officer for the set
• Responsible for planning and producing all stunts
• Works closely with the Director, Director of Photography and the Production Designer

Script Supervisor
• 1 point ea
• Works on script continuity
• Actors receive and know their lines
• Coordinates filming sequence
• Ensures entire script is filmed
• Continuity!

Production Accountant
• 1 point ea
• Responsible for day to day receipts and budget
• How much stuff costs, what’s been spent, what’s left

Web Master
• 1 point ea
• Responsible for this web site and future post production work