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An Introduction


The tale of the man who would come to be known as MojoNexus begins hundreds of years ago, at the birth of the United States of America. Several of the founding fathers, especially Benjamin Franklin, foresaw the need for a man of action, a single soldier in the fight for freedom, one who could move secretly and swiftly to trouble spots around the burgeoning colonial states. After an exhaustive search that lasted two years, a candidate was selected, a common man of the people who was an extraordinary fighter and a formidable intellect. His name was Josiah Neckstahl, son of a Prussian émigré and a French whore, blacksmith in the small Pennsylvania village of Hecklenburg. He was thirty years of age when he was selected, and for five years he fought for the safety and advancement of the fledgling country. However, his deeds were often filled with mishaps that resulted in near losses for the Colonials. Many times he nearly lost battles that should have been easy routs in his favor. Josiah was an intelligent man, but a clumsy one, too.

At the end of his service, Josiah settled down in upstate New York, taking Martha Comstock as his bride. The family they begat prospered in the new land and spread across the country. Neckstahl’s lineage spawned some of the greatest minds of the 19th and 20th centuries, but any accomplishments they may have achieved were somehow diverted or diluted to the point of ineffectiveness. Until one man rose above his birth, above the role that fate had planned for his family. That man was the father of MojoNexus, Harry Nexus. The exploits of famed cabbie “Backseat” Harry Nexus would bring riches and power to Harry, whose role as a single father soon would take up the bulk of his time. As his son grew, Harry instilled in him a wild and weird spirit, one that would infuse the work of MojoNexus as he blazed a trail through the music world.

Now, as he prepares to mount an assault on the gates of the motion picture industry, his power rising to a furious peak, he gathers his dark forces around him, and soon the world will take notice, and tremble…


What can I say about Jonny that hasn’t already been reported in police blotters across the nation? It is his mastery of extortion that keeps me from providing the details of his insidious rise and fall as a crime lord. Jonny now spends his time subverting the airwaves as a purveyor of filth while shielded under the umbrella of the federal witness protection program.

Actually I met John close to 20 years ago as we compared Doc Savage notes in our high school electronics class. We quickly realized many common qualities and interests. While the kids around us were listing to RATT and Quiet Riot, we were listening Oingo Boingo and samplers from the Enigma label. We were reading National Lampoon and Rolling Stone, and avoiding movies like Footloose in favor of Repo Man. We were on the outside and we enjoyed it there. We managed to alienate just about everyone with our quick and sarcastic wit, and at the same time managed to draw a small crowd of admirers eager to follow our lead.

After we graduated, Jonny went on to pursue a higher education in communications and I put on a uniform and learned to kill people. Our paths split for many years, but we stayed in touch and remained partners in chaos. As we reached our late 20’s, Jonny ditched everything for the opportunity to move to Manhattan, Kansas where it would be easier for him to manipulate me from close range. One evening after enjoying some mother nature, we felt an impetus to use our talents for the good of mankind. We started writing scripts for low budget B films. Not that we wanted to be writers… No. We wanted to direct! We still do and we are committed. We are on the verge of starting production of our first feature film. Is been one hella ride so far, and now we are reaching out for others that have the same dreams and desires. Join us and let the show begin.

Quiet on the set.